Vintage Affair
Reviewed by- linda (2010/12/07, 07:08 PM)
This is a captivating book that keeps you turning pages. A fun, light enjoyable read, with delightful characters and a plot that effortlessly weaves together themes of happiness, sadness, romance and friendship. Wolff certainly researched vintage clothes and I loved her descriptions. I don’t personally wear vintage but I gained a whole new appreciation for it as the author’s passion for “clothing with a history” constantly bubbled to the surface. Contrary to what the cover implies, the book also has depth and complexity. It touches on themes of loss, regret and letting go of the past. I loved the relationship between Phoebe, the protagonist and Theresa an elderly French woman she purchased clothing from. Their friendship was real and convincing, a joy to read about. I also loved the author’s witty writing style and her subtle reference to current social issues.Back.

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