Reviewed by- Andrea (2010/12/12, 06:01 PM)
This was an astonishing book about an amazing man named Louis Zamperini who was an American Olympic runner striving to break the record for the four minute mile during the 1940’s. The war breaks out, the Olympics are canceled and Louie is called to serve his country. To say Louie served heroically is an understatement. What follows is a mesmerizing account of his journey from boyhood to POW. Here, the author brings to life the horrors and triumphs of Louie’s life in a Japanese POW camp. Although this is Louie’s story, you certainly get a sense of the sacrifices all the soldiers made while serving our country. It’s incredible how these brave men continued to serve and fight during captivity under unbearable circumstances. After reading this book, I felt I had a better understanding of the patriotism and camaraderie the soldiers of WWII shared. This is an inspirational story.Back.

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