Knife Music
Reviewed by- linda (2010/12/28, 05:39 PM)
The catchy title, Knife Music refers to the music Dr. Ted Cogan likes to play while he’s performing surgery. There are not many layers to this straightforward mystery, which makes it an easy fast read. The intrigue starts almost immediately when events surrounding a young girl’s suicide implicate Dr Cogan in a crime. The way the book is plotted keeps you guessing until the identity of the guilty party is revealed in the final chapter; at times I was certain of the doctor’s guilt, then with the next revelation equally certain of his innocence. The author also did an excellent job creating real characters and intrigue. I particularly enjoyed the way the author captures Dr Cogan’s emotions and shows him to be very human. As he struggles to convince authorities of his innocence he also evolves into a better more compassionate person. In summary, this is a satisfying read and although it starts and ends strong, the middle third of the book was flat. Definitely an author to keep an eye on.Back.

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