The Dressmaker
Reviewed by- linda (2010/12/28, 05:40 PM)
(3.5 stars) The book starts when the protagonist, Ellen is thirteen years old and followers her journey to adulthood and success. Nineteenth century England is a harsh class-defined environment for a female without money and Ellen is tenacious and resilient as she faces these challenges. The descriptions and dialog are excellent and capture the mood and way of life in this era. The story is told in three parts; Ellenís early life, her coming of age and finally her success. It starts slow lacking passion and substance in the first half with the sense that Ellen is a victim, rather than someone in control of her destiny. Everything comes together in the final section of the book and I was completely taken with the deep friendships, the descriptions of the beautiful fashions, and just generally being immersed in the period. In summary, although very predictable, itís a fun light read for those who enjoy a good story.Back.

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