Lipstick In Afghanistan
Reviewed by- linda (2010/12/28, 05:47 PM)
The effects of years of war and conflict are poignantly portrayed in this debut novel. Drawing on her own experience as a nurse and aid worker in Afghanistan and other developing countries, the author creates a vivid believable story of the ethical and cultural dilemmas aid workers in third world countries face. She shows the strength and resilience necessary for the Afghanistan people to overcome and suppress the fears inherent in living in a war zone and instead find hope and the will to continue. The two main characters, one an aid nurse, the other a young local women give insight into the oppression and dominance Afghanistan women face and the empowering nature of friendship. Through their eyes the author contrasts the worst of humanity with the best and demonstrates the vast difference between the two cultures. The weakest part of the book was the love story; it just didnít seem to fit Elsaís character or the story in general. In summary, a great light read thatís well written and easy to read. I recommend to those who like reading about strong women, the effects of war, Afghanistan or enjoy a good story.Back.

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