Three Cups of Tea
Reviewed by- Haley (2011/01/22, 09:46 AM)
Greg Mortensonís novel Three Cups of Tea will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated to take action. Mortenson proves that there is no feat too big for a determined individual. He leaves the reader with answers to an international problem that is often blurry and seemingly hopeless. Hope was Mortensonís secret weapon. As we follow Mortensonís adventure through the Middle East, he reminds us as readers that anything is possible. What began as a mass letter campaign transformed into something bigger than life. Although Mortensonís story is inspiring it almost felt as if the story could be shortened, with the slower paced parts taken out. However, a story as powerful as Mortensonís is capable of overcoming a few errors. An average read, yet a remarkable story.Back.

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