A Scattered Life
Reviewed by- linda (2011/01/26, 07:11 PM)
This is a story that takes you into the lives of three very different women, each is wonderful and someone you grow to care about. The plot is subtle as the daily lives of the three main characters intertwine and their distinct voices become familiar. The contrast in personalities of the main characters and the interaction between them adds the perfect amount of balance and wit right from the beginning. Skyla, the protagonist, wants stability; she married a reliable man who strongly resists change and hates anything unconventional. Roxy, her new neighbor and friend takes life as it comes and loves drama and confusion; to this end she has five young children and a very large dog. Audrey, Skyla’s mother in law, likes to be in control and is prone to meddling. Her actions and musings add a nice layer of humor to the story. The focus of the book is how each woman deals with her “scattered life”, learns to respect differences in others and to crystallize what is important in life. As an added bonus the story is sprinkled with bits of wisdom and some of the secondary characters are believable but quirky and fun. A great book for those who enjoy a light easy to read story about normal everyday happenings, and enjoy character driven novels. Perfect vacation read that will make you smile and perhaps shed a tear or two.Back.

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