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The Lake of Dreams
Reviewed by- linda (2011/02/13, 05:33 PM)
The strength of this novel is the main character Lucy. She is vibrant, persistent and believable, especially when exploring her own feelings. The most engaging part of the novel follows Lucy in search of answers to a family mystery. As she digs into the past, wonderful details of the suffragette movement surface, showing the sacrifice and strength necessary to move female rights forward. Edwards uses old letters, written in a poignant, heartfelt manner, to tell most of this historical portion of story. The present day story is layered with lots of family drama, and some romance. The story flows beautifully and moves effortlessly between the past and present. My main criticisms - the story starts slow and although engaging and beautiful, the descriptions are excessive at times, causing the plot to drag. In summary, a satisfying read that will appeal to those who appreciate a beautiful writing style and don’t mind passages that meander.Back.

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