The Cypress House
Reviewed by- linda (2011/02/28, 06:39 PM)
Very easy to read and taunt with tension. The backdrop for this mystery is the Gulf coast during the depression and the mood is dark, matching the hopelessness of the era. Koryta intensifies the suspense and intrigues the mind by introducing a supernatural element; Arlen, the protagonist can see death before it happens. What I really liked about this book was the excellent chemistry between the characters and the depth of their development. Arlen is a very real mix of strength and vulnerability, which makes him very human. He struggles with accepting some painful truths about his past and grows as a person in the process. There are also some truly evil characters that thrive on power and in true mobster style deliver packages of severed hands to those who stray from the course. In summary Michael Koryta weaves a nice story with some great dialog, however at times these engaging real life conversation slow things down. This book would appeal to those who enjoy a good mystery/thriller.Back.

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