The Weird Sisters
Reviewed by- linda (2011/02/28, 06:41 PM)
The Weird Sisters is a book about coming home and capturing the feeling of belonging. Don’t let the title fool you, it refers to Macbeth’s witches and not the persona of the main characters; named so because their father was a college Shakespeare professor. This is a moving story of three sisters who as aptly said in the beginning of the book “love each other, but don’t necessarily like each other”. Their family ties are strong and the relationships are multi-layers and complex, resulting in totally believable family dynamics. The sisters Cordy, Bean, and Rose are all different and each will find a place in your heart. Rose is a college math professor who never left home, very grounded and responsible. Bean who for good cause is fired from her job in NYC is free spirited and walks on the wild side. And Cordy, who opts for a wanderlust life, moving from town to town, always late, not too responsible. All three end up home when illness strikes the family. The book is cleverly narrated by the sisters as a single collective voice which seems like symbolism for their closeness; the author uses the third person “we” to tell the story. Although a wonderful light read, I did find it a little hard to get into and slightly predictable both in character development and plot. In short a nice book for those that enjoy a good story and appreciate woman’s literature. It’s notable that this is Eleanor’s debut novel. It was selected by Barnes and Noble for it’s spring Discover Great New Writers program and also for Amazon’s “Best of the Month selection for January,Back.

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