The Hand That First Held Mine
Reviewed by- linda (2011/02/28, 07:07 PM)
With an understated but clear writing style, Maggie O’Farrell writes about finding love, the essence of being female and embracing motherhood. This is a story that follows two women, a generation apart in age who share a passion for their work and motherhood. Each has a dynamic personality and is easy to care about. Although both stories are engaging, personally I found Lexie’s story more compelling. She is a free spirited soul, who at 19 moves to 1950’s London, lives her life with passion, discovers her true self and develops into a remarkably talented woman. The other is Elina whose story revolves around a difficult childbirth and the struggles of early parenthood. Maggie O’Farrell does an outstanding job describing the postpartum period a woman experiences and also the major impact a baby has on a new mother and a marriage. One thing that bothered me was until the end when everything merged together, I felt like I was reading two unrelated short stories in alternating chapters. Trying to discern the connection between the two was distracting, at least for me. In summary, a fascinating story with many twists that will have appeal to those who appreciate a more literary writing style and engaging characters. Winner of the 2010 Costa Award.Back.

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