The Lincoln Lawyer
Reviewed by- linda (2011/03/06, 07:43 PM)
(4.5 stars) This is a fast paced book that captivates your attention early and feels real. I enjoy a good legal thriller and this book is just that with excellent insight on the legal system and some behind the scenes information on how the justice system really works and can be manipulated. The courtroom scenes are also very compelling showcasing some excellent legal strategy without being tedious. Through the musings of the protagonist, Mickey Haller, the author also shows the ethical conflicts of being a defense attorney whose main clients are usually guilty. On the flip side, he also gives a lot of thought to the problems of representing an innocent person; itís dangerous because mistakes are not an option. As expected from a master like Connolly, the story has many twists, turns, surprises and tension. There is also wonderful character development and a plot that flows and steadily builds; once pulled in itís hard to put this book down. In summary, a great page turning legal thriller for all Michael Connelly fans and also anyone who enjoys this genre of book. Loved it.Back.

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