A Discovery of Witches
Reviewed by- linda (2011/03/14, 07:05 PM)
There’s just something about witches and vampires that intrigues me. So when I read that “A Discovery of Witches” was for adults - I couldn’t resist. The two main characters are Diana, a scholarly witch who refuses to use her power, which is considerable as she is descended from a powerful family of witches and Matthew, a 1500 year old vampire who studies science and is sophisticated, refined and very worldly. On one level this is a forbidden love story, which is always tantalizing. In this scenario, however the stakes are ratcheted up because the consequences for disobeying are severe and permanent. The book really is much more than this however; in fact, it’s quite complex and layered. Aside from the witches and vampires, the book overflows with science, mythology, history, and marvelous descriptions and historical details of the Bodleian Library, Oxford and Matthew’s castle in France. The author’s imagination of what witches and vampires look and act like is superb, you feel as if they could be your neighbor or co-worker. She also gives us a fascinating look at the habits of vampires; how they feed and interact with their own and outsiders. Although I found Matthews protectiveness towards Diana frustrating at times, the main problem I had with this book is the pacing. The plot moved very slowly at times with nothing happening but descriptions and dialog and the ending left many unresolved issues; perhaps because this is the first book in a trilogy. In summary this is a captivating tale for those who like the paranormal world and perhaps a nice introduction to the mystical for those who have never tried this genre. At 579 pages, it a long book, but I was still sad to see it end. I look forward to the second book in the trilogyBack.

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