Skipping A Beat
Reviewed by- Andrea (2011/04/03, 05:28 PM)
(3.5 stars) Sometimes I need a light read for an escape. A book you can dive right into and have all the ends tie up nicely in the end. It’s very satisfying to turn the last page and know all the answers. I found SKIPPING A BEAT by Sarah Pekkanen to fulfill that very need. Julie and Michael had been childhood sweethearts and made a very successful life together. After a near death experience, Michael decides to change everything in their lives without Julie’s approval. I was intrigued by the idea and what kept me reading was the obvious question: What would I do? As a married woman, I could easily relate to this story and the universal issues of married life this book presented to the reader. This would be a fun book to talk over with friends.Back.

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