Sing You Home
Reviewed by- linda (2011/04/03, 06:35 PM)
What I really like about Jodi Picoult, is that she takes controversial tough topics, gives both side a fair shack, stirs up the emotions and stimulates thought. In her latest installment, she tackles the rights of gay parents and embryos, both timely emotionally charged issues. In a sensitive manner she questions the impact of same sex unions on the children born or adopted into these families and asks if society as a whole can accept rather than fear these “non-traditional” families. Picoult also does a great job of portraying the emotional and physical toll of couples with infertility issues. Again, she presents a balanced perspective not giving weight to either the female or male heartache of going through this procedure. In short, another book full of hot controversial topics, yes a bit formulaic and predictable but very much worth reading just the same. Recommend to those who like a good story or books that make you think. A must read for Jodi’s fans.Back.

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