Let The Great World Spin
Reviewed by- Andrea (2011/04/19, 07:45 PM)
LET THE GREAT WORLD SPIN by Colum McCann, is a beautifully written novel which takes place in New York City in the 1970ís. It centers on a very diverse group of people and how their lives intertwine with one another. Column draws you in as he gradually reveals the connections between the characters. The book opens with a tight rope walker walking between the twin towers. Itís based on the actual account of Philippe Petit, who did successfully accomplish this amazing fete. This event binds the story and the characters together. Although the story takes place in the 70ís, you canít help but think about 9/11. Colum is a magnificent storyteller who creates characters you care about and uses excellent imagery. At times, you feel as if youíre on the streets of New York City or sitting in the living room of Claire with the lady's group. Colum reminds us that everyone has a story and a journey. Itís an exceptional story and would make an excellent book club choice.Back.

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