Sacred Hearts
Reviewed by- linda (2011/04/22, 08:37 AM)
I decided to read this book, because the topic is unusual and I was intrigued by the Renaissance era. The backdrop for this book is a convent in the late 1500s. This is excellent well-researched Historical Fiction with great insight into convent life during this time period. Its fascinating and disturbing to realize that at one time women were forced into the convent because their families had only enough money for one dowry or they were disfigured or simply not pretty enough. In this story, Serafina enters the convent against her will because she refuses to marry the man he father chooses for her. Shes young, rebellious and determined to escape, which adds a layer of mystery to the story as you wonder if she will succeed. On a deeper level this book explores the hierarchy of female leadership in a closed all female society.Back.

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