Minding Frankie
Reviewed by- linda (2011/04/22, 08:39 AM)
What makes this book work so well is Maeve Binchy’s talent for creating credible characters and a plot that is simple, straightforward and in constant motion. The events that unfold mimic life, sometimes bittersweet, surprising and full of conflict other times wonderfully predictable. The focus of the book is Noel, who suddenly finds himself assuming responsibility for a newborn baby, Frankie. After some initial doubts, he rises to the challenge of single parenthood and strives to become a better person; vowing to overcome his drinking problem and improve his job opportunities by taking night classes. The network of friends and family that come together to help him are quirky, engaging and infused with warmth and optimism. One of my favorite characters was Noel’s cousin Emily. She bubbles over with energy and efficiency, and has a take charge anything can be fixed approach to life’s obstacles. This author really knows how to weave a tale and keep you turning pages. This is a delightful light read; sad, amusing, poignant and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.Back.

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