Night Road
Reviewed by- linda (2011/05/14, 06:12 PM)
Kristin Hannan does an amazing job with relationships and feelings in this book. Her descriptions are vivid - creating intimacy and attachment. Itís a book to be equally enjoyed by young adults as well as their parents because the issues are presented from both perspectives. The main characters are 3 teens and Jude, their adept but hovering mother. Mothers will surely relate to her parenting skills and worrying. Young adults and teens will relate to the push and pull of finding independence from oneís parents and the necessity of being accepted by peers. Itís layered with issues on family dynamics, teenage angst and romance, first loves, sibling rivalry, friendship, forgiveness, grief and motherhood making it an excellent book club choice for clubs that enjoy easy to read engaging stories dealing with tough topics emotionally. The story flows form start to finish and the writing style is easy to read.Back.

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