The Red Thread
Reviewed by- linda (2011/05/14, 06:13 PM)
In this book Ann Hood treats the reader to a beautiful concept when she writes –“there exits a silken red thread of destiny and when a child is born this invisible red thread connects the child’s soul to all the people – past, present and future – who will play a part in that child’s life”. The book’s title refers to this exquisite inspirational Chinese proverb and follows Maya, who through The Red Thread Adoption Agency places abandoned Chinese girl babies with American parents. This is an engaging, at times emotional story told in alternating voices of the prospective parents and interspersed with the tales of how these babies came to be abandoned in China. Central to the book is also a secret buried deep within Maya and her journey of becoming whole again. The story is more moving with the knowledge that Ann Hood lost her daughter at a very young age and adopted a baby from China herself. There is a large cast of characters in this book, but Hood manages to find a place in your heart for each of them. In short a compelling story of sadness mingled with joy and happiness for those who enjoy light, engaging stories.Back.

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