The Motion of the Ocean
Reviewed by- linda (2011/06/05, 07:28 AM)
This is a smart, delightful read about newlyweds that decide to follow their wildest dreams, take a couple of years off from work and sail to foreign ports on their honeymoon. It’s a moving memoir that reads like fiction. Although it’s an adventure story about sailing, the heart of the story is about love and marriage; the passion as well as the doubts that live within any relationship. Janna Cawrse’s writing style is clear and unhindered as she allows the reader a glimpse into her inner most thoughts, inspiring introspection and reflection, not just on relationships, but also on the cultural differences of the people they encounter along the way. The book has humorous moments and poignant ones as may be expected; this couple is living at sea, in close quarters, for an extended amount of time in a boat that is seaworthy but not entirely trustworthy, posing challenges of its own. In summary a perfect beach read; light and entertaining, but also great for anyone who longs to take an adventure like this. It’s also great for anyone who enjoys reading about relationships as I think this was the true strength of this story.Back.

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