Reviewed by- linda (2011/06/05, 07:32 AM)
One of the things I really liked about this book is the double role of the main character, Jason. In RL (real life) hes a graduate student and teaching assistant at Stanford. In cyber life, deeply embedded in the online game Fortuna, hes a priest in Renaissance Italy. He plays both roles well and in fact the lines between his RL and Ingame world become blurred as he becomes more and more addicted to the game. His life at Stanford is nicely plotted, realistic, and interesting. As can be expected, his obligations begin to suffer as the game overtakes his life. However, I really liked the make-believe world of Father Allesandro; the detailed descriptions of both Renaissance Italy and the rules of Fortuna make it captivating and hard to put down. These were dangerous times to live in and the game is historically accurate which adds suspense and intrigue. The book takes a surprising turn about midway, which although improbable is very enjoyable and builds to a really climatic ending.Back.

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