Crossing Oceans
Reviewed by- linda (2011/06/05, 07:34 AM)
In this book Gina Holmes creates a world where a motherís love and a childís innocence join forces to twist, pull and tug at every emotion. Jenna learns she has one year to live. As a single mother, estranged from her family this means one year to establish a future for her five year old daughter. The story sounds sad but itís really thought provoking and inspirational; one that will resonate with women in particular. As Jenny prepares for her daughterís future she makes some tough but realistic choices and confronts her own past. The story will bring tears to your eyes. These tears will stem from the beautiful presentation of a sensitive topic and being able to identify with the characters and circumstances. In summary, a touching and tender portrayal of love and forgiveness that will appeal to those who appreciate womanís fiction and enjoy a good storyBack.

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