The Sandalwood Tree
Reviewed by- linda (2011/06/28, 06:33 PM)
This is a sweeping story that expertly blends fiction and history as the author weaves together two stories which take place in two tumultuous times in Indian history. One story recounts the events of Indiaís First World War also known as the Sepoy Mutiny; the other takes place during the 1940ís as British rule was coming to an end in India. The book moves easily between the two periods showing both the similarities and the unique aspects of each. In one story we follow Evie Mitchell and her family as Evie struggles to fix her ailing marriage. It is through her eyes that we see both the British and the Indian perspective on the events that unfold during Partition. The other story is that of Felicity and Adela who lived in the Victorian period, 90 years earlier. Their story is told mostly through letters; itís compelling with many interesting tid-bits of the era. In both stories, Newmark very nicely captures a country at unrest, drawing the reader in with rich historical details, beautiful relationships and warm believable characters.Back.

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