Buried Prey
Reviewed by- linda (2011/06/28, 06:33 PM)
This is exactly what you expect from this genre of book. Fast- paced, tightly plotted and plenty of twists to keep you guessing and turning pages. The story revolves around the discovery of two bodies; those of two young girls who went missing twenty five years earlier. Through flashbacks the books reveals the original investigation, showing the protagonist, Lucas Davenport as a young rookie cop trying to advance his acreer, with this case playing a major role in his making detective. The present day story has Lucas once again trying to solve the murder of these young victims. Lucas is personable, complex and the detective work in this book is layered and intriguing. Its interesting to compare the young Lucas of yesteryear to the seasoned detective he has become. I like action books all the more when there is insight into what the characters are thinking and feeling and this is just such a book.Back.

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