Dreams of Joy
Reviewed by- linda (2011/06/28, 06:34 PM)
This book is set during China’s Great Leap Forward, a period of devastating famine caused by the Government’s mandate of collectivization of agriculture. Far from the promise of plentitude, there is widespread starvation. See presents this as well as the philosophy of communist China and the day-to-day life in the countryside in vivid detail. Her writing style is clear and her presentation is unencumbered as she reveals the haunting anguish and despair of the people and the inadequacy of the government. This is a fascinating glimpse of what the people of Red China did to survive what amounts to a catastrophic social experiment that caused the death of millions of people. See tells the story through the voices of two characters; Joy - young, idealistic and raised in LA - set on changing the world and being a part of the “people’s movement” and Pearl, Joy’s mother - who escaped from China- and is familiar with the country and the dangers. Through the relationship of Joy and her mother, the story examines the bonds of motherhood and presents the struggles as well as the depth of love and also the sacrifice a mother is willing to make for her child. Excellent historical fictionBack.

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