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Before I Go To Sleep
Reviewed by- linda (2011/08/02, 06:33 PM)
This is an amazing book from cover to cover. It captivates right from the start and is a fascinating read based on a very clever premise. As a result of an accident, the protagonist Christine has a rare but very real brain injury; she can only remember new information while she’s awake. As soon as she sleeps, her brain erases everything, so each morning she wakes up lost and confused and wondering how she got to be middle aged. The story makes you realize that memory and trust are closely tied together. S.J. Watson creates a lot of suspense by building on this concept and keeps you guessing by slowly revealing the intentions and character of Christine’s husband Ben, her doctor Edmund Nash and the circumstances of her accident. The pacing is intense so beware, once started this book is hard to put down. In short, an excellent psychological thriller for those who enjoy puzzling out a good mystery. Well done debut! Highly recommend. Ridley Scott has already scoffed up the film rights for this book.Back.

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