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Emily and Einstein
Reviewed by- linda (2011/08/02, 06:34 PM)
A perfect light read; different, a little quirky and emotionally satisfying. Itís an uplifting story of love and redemption and undoing wrongs. Linda Francis Leeís writing style is witty and engaging. She pulls you in and takes you on a journey that effortlessly moves between fantasy and reality. Fantasy because Emilyís husband, killed in an accident returns as a dog, reality because the book does deal with the ups and downs of marriage, cheating husbands, a difficult mother-in-law and putting your life back together after losing a spouse. I particularly enjoyed watching Emilyís husband, whose roots stem from privilege come to terms with being a dog. I also found his transformation from self-centered and offensive to a person who accepts responsibility touching and satisfying. Itís also inspiring to witness Emily overcome her obstacles and move on with her life- a better, more satisfied woman. In short, a great book to pop in the beach bag. This book will appeal to those who enjoy a good story with emotional undercurrents.Back.

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