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One Day
Reviewed by- Haley (2011/09/05, 07:25 PM)
One Day by David Nicholls was a great story. The plot line, spanning 20 years, was symbolically and interestingly set up to keep the reader eagerly engrossed. Nicholls has an obvious knack for imagery. His vivid descriptions brought his scenes alive, with the detailed, and often comical, circumstances his characters face. I was slightly disappointed by the novels end. Nicholls did a great job growing his characters throughout the story however, the emotional turmoil experienced by Dex and Emma at the novel's close seemed to lack real feelings. I almost felt gipped as a reader, not brought to tears by one of the most realistic love stories I have read, as life altering moments seemed skimmed. As the novel spans two decades, the bigger picture was obviously the topic of focus for Nicholls. I just wished he had better grasped the story's climax.Back.

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