The Snowman
Reviewed by- linda (2011/08/18, 08:10 PM)
The main character of this book is a man you want to get to know and spend some time with. Hes shrewd and savvy with a checkered past and a strong inner voice compelling him to do whats right. His name is Harry, hes a detective in Oslo Norway and his compelling personality adds a lot of entertainment to this book. The plot is also packed with suspense and true to its genre- there are twists, turns, false leads, crime scenes, layers of mystery and action. The basic premises of this book revolves around Harry and his partner Katrine tracking down a demented serial killer. Once the characters are in place, the book takes off. In fact the second half of the book is non stop at times. In short, this is an excellent book for those who enjoy fast paced mystery/thrillers. It predictable but a completely satisfying read and certainly adds to the reason for the growing popularity of Scandinavian crime literature .Back.

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