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Beyond Justice
Reviewed by- (2011/08/18, 08:12 PM)
Beyond Justice is an exceptional legal thriller that will keep you turning pages well past your normal bedtime; itís intense and gripping - itís packed with suspense and quite simply hard to put down. Itís also emotionally satisfying. This is in part due to the nature of the plot. The main character, Sam is innocent and sitting on death row for brutally killing his wife and daughter and beating his young son into a coma. The reader feels every emotional bump and turn as Sam tires to make sense of his devastation, survive his loss and prove his innocence. Woven into this mix is a story of forgiveness, redemption and spirituality. For me, this religious aspect enhanced the emotional pull of the book, but some may find the Christian component objectionable. In short, a captivating legal thriller that will make you think about our justice system, our prisons, the death penalty, life support, loss and forgiveness. Highly recommend.Back.

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