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State of Wonder
Reviewed by- linda (2011/09/05, 07:32 PM)
This book will be remembered for not only its excellent vivid sense of time and place but also its unique storyline. It’s about a research scientist who takes a trip to the Brazilian jungle to find and bring home the body of her deceased lab partner. Patchett does an incredible job of filling your senses with the intensity and danger of the Amazon. You also come to understand the Amazon is wild, its people simple and its beauty indefinable. The book will cause you to question the current process of medical testing and scientific research as Patchett explores the medical and financial benefits of Amazonian flora. Her writing style is prosaic and flowing, her characters keenly and succinctly developed. I loved both “Bell Canto” and “Run”, and although I enjoyed this book, did not find it quite as engaging. This is a book for the patient reader who enjoys beautifully written books that provoke thought but as a result may slow at times.Back.

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