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A Stolen Life
Reviewed by- linda (2011/09/05, 07:35 PM)
Throughout the book, my thoughts and heart went out to this young woman for both her courage to endure her ordeal and her courage to write this detailed memoir. Jaycee Dugard gives explicit details of being held captive by a confirmed sex offender, one on parole no less. She tell the story in her own voice and from the readerís perspective there appears to be little editing- it feels raw but real. She was abducted when she was 11 years old and did not regain her freedom until 18 years later. Although this is a story that should be told, itís difficult to read and also hard to keep things in perspective. As one with a normal childhood, my mind does not comprehend the sexual and mental abuse she was subjected to. Itís also hard to digest that she seems to have come out the other side a forgiving compassionate person. The book has some very poignant moments and Jaycees inner thoughts as she reflects on her longing for her mother as only a child could, will cause your eyes to well. Thanks for sharing your story Jaycee- itís a lesson and an inspiration.Back.

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