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When She Woke
Reviewed by- linda (2011/10/24, 06:43 PM)
(3.5 stars) The premise of this book is a creative, modern take on “The Scarlet Letter”. As such the book explores issues of abortion, religion and the future of our justice system. It’s a dystopian novel set in a harsh future world. There is no longer separation of church and state creating a disjointed atmosphere; part reminiscent of the past where vigilantes ran wild, part futuristic in nature with high tech nanotransmiters able to follow a person’s every move. In this future society, due to budget constraints, criminals are not sent to prison but are injected with a virus that pigments their skin for all to know their crime. I thought this was a fascinating concept and very book club worthy. Hannah, the protagonist’s journey is also noteworthy as she does grow and become her own person free of childhood constraints and rules. In short, although the book does provoke thought on several levels, the characters are very one-dimensional resulting in very little of the bonding necessary for emotional attachment. Recommend for those who enjoy plot driven books where the tension is created by actions and events rather than from the inner torment of self-examination, which is more of what I was expecting.Back.

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