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Reviewed by- linda (2011/10/24, 06:51 PM)
The main character of this debut novel is not bound by any conventions, she doesn’t conform to customs and she certainly does not play by the rules. Her name is Vanessa Michael Munroe (Michael to most) and many compare her to Stieg Larsson’s Lizbeth. Although both she and Lizbeth are extremely intelligent, eccentric and work in unusual ways, in the end Michael is her own person and a master in her field of work, which is gathering highly sensitive information. Much of this story takes place in exotic and edgy Equatorial Guinea, a rather lawless land. Taylor Stevens does a great job describing this region, giving the reader a flavor for the corruption, crime and lack of basic human rights which is prevalent. In short, this is a good book with lots of action and pace that will appeal to those who like action thrillersBack.

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