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The Affair
Reviewed by- linda (2011/11/15, 06:56 PM)
Thereís plenty of action in this latest installment of the Jack Reacher series. This one is actually a prequel to the others and shows how it all started; why Reacher left the army, how he acquired his tough guy persona and why he became a no roots kind of guy. The story takes place in a small Mississippi town in 1997. Jack is working undercover doing damage control for a sticky military situation. His mission is challenging on many levels as his tries to put the pieces together and keep out of harms way. Thereís also a stronger than usual romance thread woven into this story when Jack meets a female version of himself. The story is great from start to finish. Itís gritty , intriguing and shows Jack in great form. In short, Reacher fans will love this one but itís also a great beginning for those new to the series.Back.

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