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The Barbarian Nurseries
Reviewed by- linda (2011/12/16, 06:41 PM)
(3.5 stars) This book abounds with smart observations and compassion as Tobar examines the issue of immigration and where legal and illegal immigrants fit into our society. He looks at the complicated and twisted justice system from their perspective and gives some beautiful insight on the wrongful stereotyping of this group. He also totally captures the uniqueness, diversity and biases of Los Angeles, contrasting the life of the privileged with those living in Ghettos. Itís interesting that he chooses to expose some of these inequities by viewing them through the eyes of children, which provokes thought and passion without judgment. This is a book well worth reading but also one that tests the limits of credibility and patience. Itís interesting but not plausible at times; itís well written but looses momentum in a few places.Back.

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