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The History of Love
Reviewed by- Andrea (2012/03/26, 06:26 PM)
The History of Love by Nicole Krauss is a beautiful mystery about love and loss. Centered upon a book called “The History of Love,” the novel follows the two narrators and their relationship with the book. The first is Leo Gusksy, an elderly Holocaust survivor living a sad, lonely life in NYC. Leo lost the love of his life and his son to another man as a result of the war. As he struggles to find meaning in his life, he becomes suspicious of who may be the author of this book, it sounds very familiar to a book he wrote long ago. The second narrator is Alma, a 14-year-old girl named after a character in the book. "The History of Love" was given to Alma's mother as a gift from her husband. In an attempt to heal her mother's grief, Alma is determined to find the book's author. As Krauss weaves this intricate tale, the voices of both Leo and Alma penetrate your heart as you feel their loneliness and desperation. This is an emotionally rich book, reminding readers how fragile life can be. This is also a story you must follow closely while reading. The two stories Krauss weaves together are occasionally convoluted and hard to follow. There is a lot to discuss in this book and would make an excellent Book Club book.Back.

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