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The Marriage Plot
Reviewed by- linda (2012/01/20, 02:43 AM)
The facet of this book I found the most intriguing was the timelessness of the subject of love, marriage and relationships - a constant in life and as pointed out in this book a constant in literature. The story is about three college friends who graduate and go on to discover who they are and who they should spend their lives with. Its a coming of age story, as intense and complex as the feelings that emerge during this trying time in ones life. Jeffrey Eugenides creates atmosphere and interesting multi-dimensional characters. The story follows Madeleine, Leonard and David as they begin the next phase of their lives. Some of the intensity of the storyline flows from Eugenides realistic and somewhat disturbing look at the disease of manic depression. He offers clear insight on the fallout of this disease. I liked the complexity of the plot many interesting threads and insights into the human condition. In short a wonderful study of post-graduate life, mental illness and an intellectually gripping story. Not a book for everyone as the author tends to digress quite a bit with many philosophical and literary references, bogging things down. However, certainly well worth the read for those who appreciate a literary read and enjoy a good character driven novel.Back.

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