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The Kitchen Daughter
Reviewed by- Andrea (2012/07/15, 07:52 AM)
The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry is a delightful read about a young woman, Ginny, whoís struggling to cope with Aspergerís Syndrome. With the sudden death of her parents, she is left to live alone in the family home. Her older over-protective sister wants to sell the house, fearing Ginny is incapable of living on her own. What transpires between the sisters is an awesome story of family love. Ginny tries to prove her normalcy and Amanda tries to protect her sister from harm. They both have a very different idea of how the future should unfold. Although the book deals with the serious topic of Aspergerís Syndrome and the challenges it presents, itís a charming story with identifiable and endearing characters. Much of the story takes place in the kitchen revolving around old family recipes, which while being prepared produce ghosts from the past. I am not usually a fan of books dealing with the paranormal, but the appearance of the ghosts was a very effective way of conveying Ginnyís feelings and quite enjoyable. This book would make an excellent Book Club Selection.Back.

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