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The Art of Fielding
Reviewed by- linda (2012/01/20, 02:29 AM)
The main attraction of this book is the depth of its characters; they are human and easy to relate to. The setting is a small college campus and the plot revolves around the key players on the school’s baseball team. The story however, is about so much more than baseball. Life is full of triumphs and missteps; Harbach does an excellent job of portraying them. He explores the difficulties of coping with success and the process of recovery after failure. He has a firm grasp on the human condition and an amazing writing style. He captures the atmosphere of a small Mid-western college campus, the strife and camaraderie of team sports, the spontaneity of youth and the reflective nature of the mature. In short a great debut. Slightly long winded in parts, a little implausible at times but worth the read.Back.

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