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Reviewed by- linda (2012/01/20, 03:03 AM)
This is a well-researched book. King did a perfect job of mixing science fiction and historical fiction and a great job of creating a sense of time and place. Once belief is suspended for the time travel aspect of the book, the story rings true. Most of it takes place between 1958 and 1963 - the basic premise is to travel back in time and prevent the assassination of JFK. Before this aspect of the story kicks in however, a lot happens. Because of certain “time travel” rules it’s necessary for Jake, the main character to spend a considerable amount of time in the past before attempting to avert the death of President Kennedy. During this time Jake complicates things by falling in love and becoming part of the 1960s community. In short, a fun fast read to be enjoyed by those who enjoy this genre of book, King’s fans and historical fiction enthusiasts.Back.

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