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Rules of Civility
Reviewed by- linda (2012/01/20, 02:49 AM)
Manhattan in the 1930s with all its charm, sophistication and jazz-age dynamics is the highlight of this book. Amor Towles re-creates the beautiful atmosphere of this era and fills the pages with people and events that take you back to this time of witty conversation, lavish parties and soaring ambitions. It's clear - NY was the place to go to reinvent yourself- and speaking as a New Yorker myself - still is. The pace is leisurely as it follows the lives of Kate, Eve and Tinker during the year 1938. They work and play hard, living life to its fullest as they try to succeed and make sense of its meaning. The circumstances and happenings feel real and the character interactions are intriguing. I especially liked that just as in real life, there are ups and downs in their lives. In short a great book for those who enjoy a literary, character driven novel. If you need to a strong plot this may not be the book for you.Back.

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