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Fifty Shades of Grey
Reviewed by- linda (2012/04/01, 07:47 PM)
This is book 1 in a trilogy billed as “mommy porn” and “Twilight” for grown-ups, and it's hot right now. It’s topping the NY Times e-book best seller list, making news headlines in print and TV and movie rights have already been sold. Print editions are currently limited, so to date most of the hype is based on the e-book version. To be sure, this is not a book for everyone. Although tastefully done, the sex scenes are descriptive, abundant and graphic. It’s a love story revolving around a young inexperienced girl and a venturesome, damaged extremely intoxicating young man whose sexual preference are cutting edge– he’s into BDSM as in bondage, discipline, dominance, submissive. Part of the draw of this book is the forbidden love, but on another level, the reader is also totally taken with the two main characters, Christian and Anastasia and needs to know what happens. Can they find common ground and still have their needs met? Can Anastasia truly enter his world and can Christian learn to love and trust? In short this is a fun, addicting read that will push the limits and explore new horizons for the majority of its audience.Back.

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