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Reviewed by- linda (2012/04/22, 03:50 PM)
There is something intimate and at the same time grand about this novel - very appropriate for a book based on the Vietnam War which was like no previous war fought. Marlantes does not hold back in showing the unrelenting horrors our soldiers confronted and the many faces of the enemy such as ineffective leadership, surviving the heat and difficult terrain, disease, infighting among the troops, the distress and anxiety of being witness to death and the exhausting harshness of combat. As a Vietnam veteran, Marlantes writes from the heart so although fiction, the situations, experiences and dialog are real. Its a captivating read, which clearly demonstrates the uselessness of war and the dizzying adjustment from boyhood to fighting Marine necessary for survival. Recommend for history buffs and anyone who appreciates a gritty story that rings true and stays with you long after you turn the last page.Back.

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