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The Orphan Masters Son
Reviewed by- linda (2012/05/06, 06:53 PM)
This book takes you inside North Korea, the culture, the politics, the day-to-day life. The tone is dark and although the setting is modern day, it feels more like something that happened in the past - something historical and significant. Itís about a young manís attempts to survive living in North Korea under the regime of Kim Jong II. Through his eyes, the author looks in much detail at this strange culture and presents a very realistic perspective. He captures the harsh realities of this totalitarian society and the relentless brainwashing its citizens are subjected to. Itís a world that is conflicted and oppressive, one that requires its citizens to conform to the will of the state or more accurately the will of its leader, Kim Jong II Ė a world where individuality is not merely suppressed but punished. This may not be a book for everyone Ė it requires patience and an ability to suspend belief. But for those that endure itís a haunting read with much insight into the North Korean government.Back.

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