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The Snow Child
Reviewed by- Linda (2012/05/28, 04:49 AM)
This is a heartfelt story thatís sad, bittersweet and magical. Itís loosely based on a Russian fairy tale about a childless couple that build a girl made of snow - who comes to life. In this story, which takes place in the 1920s, Mable and Jack are childless and move to Alaska as homesteaders to start a new life and escape their pain. They too build a snow child. Whether she comes to life is a constant question throughout most of the book. The author does an amazing job of conveying Mabel and Jackís longing for a child and the loneliness they feel. She also conveys the beauty and the isolation of frontier Alaska Ė its harsh winter and what it takes to survive in this wilderness. In summary Ė Although a bit long causing the story to stall somewhat in the middle portion of the book, itís beautifully written with strong characters. A story of raw emotion, love and sacrifice. Recommend for those that enjoy a literary read.Back.

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