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Once We Were Brothers
Reviewed by- Linda (2012/05/28, 04:46 AM)
This story moves back and forth between Nazi occupied Poland and present day and is one that will captive and hold your attention right from the start. The present day portion of this story is a legal thriller bringing to light the importance of justice, regardless of how long it takes. The court room drama is terrific and realistic as it should be considering the author is an attorney. The historical fiction portion of tis book is heart wrenching and shows what it was like growing up in Poland and surviving the Holocaust. The book tells the story from the perspective of Ben Solomon, a holocaust survivor who accuses prominent Chicago philanthropists of not just being a former Nazi but the same boy taken in by his parents and raised as his brother. The author keeps the suspense high and the reader guessing right to the end. Is Eliot a former Nazi or is this a case of mistaken identity.Back.

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