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The Good Father
Reviewed by- Linda (2012/05/28, 04:59 AM)
This book will send your emotions on a whirlwind journey. It’s intense and deals with a life-changing event that no parent should have to face. It chronicles the journey of Dr. Paul Allen as he processes the news that his son Daniel has been caught on a televised video of attempting to assassinate the Democratic candidate for president. With compassion and provocation, Noah Hawley drives home the anguish, conflict and remorse of Dr. Allen as he determinedly and systematically goes about trying to prove his son innocent. Interspersed throughout the story are examples of real life historical assassins; like John Hinkley, Sirhan Sirhan, Loughner, the 22 year old who shot Senator Gifford and John Wilkes Booth. Paul’s research of these famous killers was a desperate attempt to understand his son – a nice touch that added realism and diversity to the story. In summary – an engaging read that will appeal those who enjoy a good psychological thriller. Book clubs will love this one too.Back.

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