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Reviewed by- Andrea (2012/06/10, 03:38 PM)
Cheryl Stayed’s life is in shambles. Her mother has died, her marriage is ending, her finances are dwindling, and she is making terrible life decisions. She is completely lost and she is headed down the wrong path. In a desperate attempt to gain control of her life, she decides to do something drastic and hike 1,200 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, alone. With little hiking experience, she sets out on a journey of self -discovery through challenging physical expedition into the wilderness. WILD is the fascinating account of Strayed’s excursion. Not only does she face the physically demanding elements of nature, but she tackles the emotional baggage that has weighed her down for years. I was amazed by her courage to set out alone and complete the journey despite the challenges she encountered. I applaud her resilience and determination to change her life for the better. It is a very inspiring book which I thoroughly enjoyedBack.

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